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Martin image projectors provide concrete story for Boligbeton

Harman's entertainment lighting brand Martin has supplied its Exterior 400 Image Projectors to Danish concrete solutions provider Boligbeton to create a novel way to present the story of concrete to drivers passing its HQ.

With 30,000 vehicles driving past its facility on a daily basis, concrete solutions provider Boligbeton based in Losning, Denmark, has installed Harman Martin Exterior 400 Image Projectors to tell the detailed story of the concrete process.

Working alongside design firm Pluskontoret Arkitekter (PA), Harman Martin supplied 10 of the Exterior 400 Image projectors to illuminate the facility’s 140m x 11m façade. The dynamic illumination scheme tells Boligbeton’s production story, from the open pit and transportation to the end product.

The Exterior 400’s are mounted across 4m-tall masts, 36m from the façade. Four fixtures project straight onto the wall and six project the distortion calculation graphics to compensate for angled projection. At approximately 6.5 seconds per drive-by, it takes several passes to read the entire 10-story picture.

According to PA partner and architect Suna Cenholt, the projectors are installed in a very aggressive environment, exposed to rain, high winds and dust. “We tested several products but the Exterior 400 Image Projector made the difference. It was important for us to find a durable product that does not require any special maintenance,” said Cenholt. “In addition, the LED technology in the Exterior 400 IP saves on power, which is also of great importance.”

The lighting system is both dynamic and flexible and allows the company to project a different expression using new graphics and new story if they wish. In addition to the Boligbeton story graphics, the fixtures can also spell out ‘Boligbeton’ in text across the façade. The system is controlled via the PC-based Martin M-PC control package with touchscreen technology.

“The outcome has transformed the yard and drivers’ experience of Boligbeton dramatically – we are very pleased with the result,” commented Linette Helbo Jensen, Product Manager at Boligbeton. “The illumination has received a lot of positive feedback and provides an entertaining experience for the many drivers along the highway every day.”