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Martin helps give cruise ship EDGE

'EDGE' is the name of a show on the cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse - and it features Martin LC Series LED panels.

POET Theatricals designs and produces the shows on the Celebrity Solstice class of vessels. Their creative director, Michael McPherson, features Martin LC Series LED panels in the show EDGE on the cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse. 

“I like Martin products and I have used them for years,” said McPherson. “We use them in all of our shows actually. Martin panels are robust and built well, so for the guys who have to load them in and out, they hold up well.” 

The Eclipse is the third new vessel in this line of ships, following the Solstice and the Equinox. POET is designing and producing the next three shows on the new cruise ship, the Celebrity Silhouette, which is set to launch in 2011.

Martin’s LC Series is a semi-transparent, modular system of LED panels, designed for displaying video and images and knitting together light, video and set design. ”I used the LC panels in EDGE because I was aiming for a real ‘rock and roll’ look to give me that big powerful blast toward the audience that I was looking for in the show,” continued McPherson. “I love the brightness – really awesome! That, coupled with the transparency of the panels, really enabled me to create unique looks on the stage and the set.” 

Other Martin gear used on EDGE includes full colour mixing MAC 700 Washes with motorised zoom and low noise operation, and MAC 700 Profiles with Martin’s proprietary gobo animation system. All Martin LC Panels on Celebrity Eclipse were provided by Chas Herrington of Zenith Lighting.