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Martin helps bring Swedish folklore to life

Ski slopes in central Sweden are the site of of a night-time guided tour for children - illuminated by Martin Professional.

Martin Professional Exterior 400 Image Projectors and Exterior 1200 Image Projectors are helping bring a legendary Swedish epic tale to life on the slopes of Åre Ski Area in central Sweden. Skiers at Åre can experience “In the Footsteps of Giants,” a night-time guided ski tour for children – or kids of all ages – that retells the local legend of the Giants, the legendary creators of the Norse gods.

“In the Footsteps of Giants” was conceptualised by Kai Piippo of Ljusarkitektur of Stockholm who has integrated dynamic lighting on a family slope as an integral part of the story telling. Besides creating an after-dark activity for children when entertainment possibilities are limited, the tour continues a tradition of centuries of storytelling, spoken-word folklore that combines with the surrounding landscape – including lighting – to create a memorable experience.

The “In the Footsteps of Giants” slope is illuminated in blue light with projection from LED Exterior 400 Image Projectors, and an Exterior 1200 Image Projector, used to visually support the story at certain points.

An important part of the tale, for example, includes a burning valley and fire beneath the surface of the mountain, an effect which Ljusarkitektur illustrates using pattern projection from an Exterior 400 Image Projector, supplied for this project with a custom animation wheel.

Mounted on a pole atop a rise, the Exterior casts a 7 metre wide glowing fire effect down onto the slope. Fully-weatherproofed, the LED image projector delivers over 7,000 lumens and houses up to six replaceable designs and up to eight interchangeable colours. Another use of the image projectors involves a moving image projected onto snow in the forest that hints at something magical, a secret spot where the Giants have hidden a treasure.

The “In the Footsteps of Giants” trail, which can be enjoyed during standard night skiing or as part of the guided tour, proved very popular in its first season. The project, a cooperation between Ljusarkitektur, installer Johnsons El of Åre, and Martin Professional, continues into the 2012/2013 ski season with a new design that will have additional effects from more Exterior 400 Image Projectors.

Photos: Mikael Silkeberg