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Martin Audio W8LM installed at versatile UK venue

Recalling the search for a suitably versatile audio system, LSS managing director Ian Potter observed: “It came down to a choice of two line array systems, but the client chose Martin Audio based on our recommendation after trials.”

With the assistance of Martin Audio’s national sales manager, Simon Bull, and its DISPLAY predictive software, LSS devised a system based around two hangs of five W8LMs on each side of the proscenium arch, with a W8LMD down-fill box at the base. Four S218X subs are recessed under the stage in two stacked pairs, while the new low-profile LE1500s provide on-stage monitoring. A pair of F215s for drum- or side-fill complete this part of the system.

Martin Audio equipment has also been specified for amplification and processing. The 10 LE1500s are powered by Martin MA1.6s, with the stage fills assigned to an MA900 (bridged mode). At FOH, four MA2.8 amplifiers run the mid tops, while an MA12K handles the subs. Two DX1 processors are assigned to left and right, configured to run 5.1

Digital FOH and monitor consoles and an extensive lighting specification were also installed as part of The Assembly fit-out.