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Marantz begins 2013 with triple launch

UK-based home audio manufacturer Marantz has added three new products to its home audio range, including the copper plated AV8801 pre-amplifier with 4K video capability.

Marantz has bolstered its CI audio offering with the launch of three new products, the 11.2-channel AV8801 pre-amplifier, MM8077 seven channel power amplifier and 7.2 channel AV7701 pre-amplifier and processor.

The AV7701 is a premium next generation component that offers advanced system-building flexibility. The device features a number of network and connectivity features, including Apple’s AirPlay, which lets users stream iTunes music from a PC or Mac, or iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It also incorporates the latest video processing technologies, and includes the ability to upconvert SD and HD content to 4K high resolution video (3840×2160).

The AV8801 incorporates much of the features found in the company’s Reference Series, such as an extensive tortoroidal power supply, HDAM and High Current Feedback technology, and a copper-plated chassis. Additional features include full 4K video capability, 3D pass-through, three HDMI outputs, plus Apple AirPlay and full networking functionality for music sources such as Spotify and Internet radio stations.

Lastly, the MM8077 seven channel power amplifier – also fashioned like the Reference Series devices – has multi-layer bottom panels and top covers for enhanced rigidity and high current toroidal power transformers to handle musical bursts. There is also the option to choose between balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs for each channel, providing integrators and users with improved system configuration.