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Major Lawo systems installation at Australian radio complex

All the Lawo consoles are integrated with the Nova73 HD router’s network, providing a routing capacity of up to 3,000 crosspoints for the master control room. In the event of a problem with the central router, the studios can stay on air by using a manual patchbay. Each of the three main control rooms hosts one zirkon with the 2s module variant, each equipped with 12 faders; the smaller control rooms are used principally for news and are equipped with four-fader z4 mini mixers. VisTool software enables convenient touch screen operation throughout.

“We chose Lawo based on the reliability, versatility and configurability of their products; the installation and changeover went relatively smoothly,” said Andrew Meachen, the Albury Radio Center’s sound engineer. “We found that, once configured, the system worked extremely well in practice, and the transition for the operators was painless, with surprisingly little training needed.”