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MA Lighting for US performing arts venue

The grandMA’s extensive features list, including remote DMX capabilities, was among the primary spurs to purchase. “The grandMA’s quick adaptability to our show needs was also a big selling point, as was the fact that many guest artists’ lighting designers were already very familiar with it,” said Henry Parks, Wolf Traps’ head electrician.

The consoles’ ability to combine the control of house lights and any additional fixtures was also deemed to be a significant asset. “Sometimes we’ll bring in 12-30 moving lights for performers,” Parks pointed out. “With the grandMA we have the ability to merge these lights into our system and take over already-channelled devices; sometimes we don’t even need to go in and patch additional channels.”

“Wolf Trap is such a prestigious venue and is known for its high standards of excellence, [to the point] that anyone would be proud to be actively involved. We are no exception,” said Bob Gordon, president and CEO of A.C.T. Lighting, MA Lighting’s exclusive distributor in North America. “When you couple this with the opportunity to work with Henry Parks, you have an unbeatable combination. For many years, manufacturers have beat a path to Henry’s door for advice and we were thrilled when he chose grandMA for its unique capabilities.”