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MA Lighting at the XXIX Olympiad

The long lighting fit-out process began in February, with rehearsals commencing on 12 June. In total, 2,342 fixtures were used and controlled by grandMA for the show, including 308 Vari*Lite VL3500 spot, 316 VL3000 spot, 180 VL3500 wash, 112 Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1200; the balance comprised Martin fixtures. The first session had 15,921 parameters with 14 MA NSPs and 834 fixtures, the second 13,503 parameters with 16 MA NSPs and 884 fixtures, and the third session 15,987 parameters with 16 MA NSP and 624 fixtures.

The video system under the creative direction of Andree Verleger featured 110 media servers, 86 Christie Roadster Projectors with Orbital Heads, and 63 Cinema Christie Projectors. HP Pro-Curve 2626 field switches, HP Pro-Curve 8212zl and kilometres of multi-mode fibre optic cable provided the backbone of the vast network.