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Luxury resort offers guests 5-star infotainment thanks to Exterity’s interactive TV portal

Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort in Oman provides a 'better than home' HD TV and on-demand services, with ArtioGuest

IPTV specialist Exterity has today announced that the Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort in Oman has deployed its hospitality-focused interactive TV portal, ArtioGuest, to provide its international clientele with a better-than-home in-room experience.

The award-winning Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort is located on the northern Musandam Peninsula in the Sultanate of Oman, Surrounded by mountains and sandy beaches.

Behind its rustic setting, the resort offers all the modern amenities of a true 5-star resort, which extends to its 86 villas. In 2018, as part of a major upgrade to ensure it was continuing to offer guests state-of-the-art in-room infotainment experiences, the resort installed Exterity’s ArtioGuest.

The IPTV system was originally installed by Rashed Al Mazroui for Technology and Information Supplies (RAMCO), a leading system integrator of IT/IP solutions in the area. The initial upgrade moved the legacy IPTV platform, delivering 50 satellite channels, over to a new Exterity system that added full HD capability and a more modern integration with the existing Video on Demand service. 

In total, the resort upgraded the service received on 140 TVs across the premises. 

The resort updated each villa’s TV screens with additional Chromecast capabilities, which are integrated in a single ArtioGuest interface. This allows guests to connect their own devices to the TVs in each villa, including access to their own subscription video (SVoD) services like Netflix, as well as enjoy additional HD channels including options for French, German and Arabic languages. The system is also integrated with the Opera Property Management System (PMS) to automatically set up welcome messages and to allow each guest to see current billing information.

Walid Tabet, Middle East Regional sales team leader at Exterity said: Today’s modern travellers long for their chosen accommodation to offer a ‘better than home’ experience in every sense, including in-room entertainment. Six Senses is a great example of how this can be achieved by using a fully-customisable portal that seamlessly delivers live TV and VoD services.”

Chakib Dhahri, IT manager for Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort added: “For the future, we are looking at other options such as Music on Demand and 4K TV channels when they become available.”

The Exterity solution at Six Senses’ Zighy Bay Resort consists of:

· ArtioGuest

· AvediaServer central management system

· AvediaPlayer Media Players