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Lutron launches Hospitality Suite

If you stay in an upmarket hotel, you have every right to expect that its facilities will be superior to anything you have at home. Lutron believes it has the products to fulfil those guest expectations.

Lutron has announced the launch of its Hospitality Solutions which, the company says, will allow hoteliers to respond to the growing demand for integrated controls within the hotel environment.

Lutron’s Hospitality Solutions are described as bringing a multitude of benefits to the hotel environment, providing a more welcoming feel for guests and increasing staff productivity, whilst also allowing hoteliers to save energy and reduce costs, all in one go.

With a single point of lighting control, Lutron says that it’s easy for staff to create the appropriate atmosphere to ensure guests feel at home no matter where they are within the hotel. Quantum software centralises the control of all lighting and shades, enabling the user to manage both electric light and daylight within the public spaces of a hotel. This not only saves energy and simplifies operations, but also improves the comfort of guests and the productivity of hotel staff.

Designed for hallways or back-of-house within a hotel, the Rania wireless RF switch and Radio Powr Savr sensor package is described as a time-saving and cost-effective, retrofit light control solution with occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights on when in use or off when vacant. The switch requires no neutral wire and can be retrofitted into an existing wallbox, making for easy installation. Lutron’s wireless sensors have a 10-year battery life and mount to the ceiling, meaning they can be installed in the smallest of areas, such as store rooms or toilets, that aren’t in constant use.

Lutron’s GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless system is described as a powerful, flexible and expandable preset light control system – for use in conference rooms, for example – that enables users to adjust the lighting whatever the task or activity. In addition, Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr Daylight sensors and Occupancy/Vacancy sensors can be wirelessly linked to the system, to adjust the lights dependent on the levels of daylight within a space or turn them off if unoccupied, ensuring energy is not wasted. The system not only allows adjustment of the lights, but also Lutron’s Sivoia QS wireless precision-control roller blinds reduce sun glare and solar heat gain. For stylish total light management, blinds controlled by Lutron’s Sivoia QS can be made in a customer’s corporate colours, include logos or range from opaque to black-out material as required.

Lutron’s seeTouch Guestroom Solution allows the guest to have ultimate control over their personal hotel environment. With both wired and wireless solutions available, Lutron’s Guestroom Solution can be incorporated into any project, whether a complex refit or listed building, and can be fully integrated with room devices such as thermostats and room status indicators.

Lutron says that its Hospitality Solutions not only provide users with outstanding levels of control and flexibility throughout the hotel environment, but also the products all feature excellent energy saving capabilities. Wherever installed, Lutron’s dimmers and systems allow users to use just the right amount of light, reducing electricity consumption significantly and saving energy at every possible opportunity. Lutron’s energy-sensitive systems centrally manage electric light and daylight, lowering operating costs and minimising peak demand charges in the process.