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Lund Cathedral enhances Renkus-Heinz Iconyx PA sound system

After initially installing the Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digitally steerable system due to intelligibility issues with the former PA system, Lund Cathedral opted to enhance the system with an additional Renkus-Heinz IC16/8-R-II active array.

Sweden’s oldest and largest church, Lund Cathedral, which dates back to 1080, has expanded its permanently installed RHAON-equipped Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digitally steerable system with the addition of a further IC16/8-R-II active array.

The cathedral, which has its historical status as the Seat of the Archbishop for the whole of northern Sweden and the other Nordic countries, can seat up to 1,800, with the option of an extra 800 during major events that are frequently televised.

Installed by intergrator Björn Carlsson from local company Svensk Musik, the initial Iconyx system is comprised of a pair of IC24-R arrays, which cover the central area of the nave. Each of these deliver four separate beams of sound, while a combination of IC16-R and IC8-R arrays cover other areas with an IC7 in the crypt.

The addition of the extra IC16/8-R-II, which was installed above the alter and finished in a special architecturally matched colour, provides additional projection of sound to the congregation. It incorporates the latest coaxial transducers with triple tweeter arrays driven by multichannel audiophile high-current amplifiers, allowing up to eight individually steerable multiple beams from each unit. The triple tweeter “array within an array” design reduces the distance between HF sources for greatly improved high frequency performance with consistent broad horizontal dispersion and reduced grating lobes.

“The whole system gives us much better sound naturally,” commented Carlsson. “Each priest has their own headset and there are presets that adjust the EQ to their individual timbre and volume. It’s a fantastic solution.”

In addition, the cathedral now uses ab iPad remote control to manage the NION system. A controller is installed to the side of the nave, which remains where it is, but TTS also supplied a wireless iPad. This allows an operator to control sound from, for example, a service in the crypt, from where the fixed controller would be unreachable. The large space also allows the church to be used in different areas simultaneously; the system is designed to allow split feeds and zones.