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LTP lights largest indoor market

The UK's largest indoor market is located in Derby in England's Midlands, and Lighting Technology Projects was asked to design an installation that would help increase footfall.

UK-based Lighting Technology Projects (LTP) was asked by Lancashire-based Lite Ltd – who are a Philips partner for the Midlands and the north providing solid state lighting solutions – to bring to life their lighting design for a unique new illuminated cube array feature at Derby’s Eagle Market, the largest indoor market in the UK.

The nine internally lit cubes are suspended from the steel grid ceiling structure and illuminated with over 3,500 nodes of Philips CK i-Color Flex SLX. This was spec’d by Lite and LTP as a flexible dynamic, robust and energy-efficient solution, which would allow programming of some interesting abstract coloured dynamic effects – including twists, scrolls and swirling rainbows as well as being able to provide a straightforward colour changing lighting appearance.

The concept for the cubes was initiated by Eagle Market owners Derby City Council. The idea was to make the Theatre Walk area of the space a lively visual environment with some eye-catching elements in order to attract more public footfall into the area.

“It was a challenging project requiring full attention to detail and a level of ingenuity to produce a spectacular result,” said LTP’s Keith Elms. “It was invaluable for us to be able to be involved right from the start and in all the necessary engineering stages, from the physical design right down to specifying the most appropriate form of illumination which would provide the most cost effective lighting solution for the client.”

Two of the four faces of each cube are internally lit with the Philips CK iColor Flex SLX. The cubes themselves are constructed from an extruded aluminium framework in-filled with Makrolon panels (a fire retardant acrylic). The cube tops are covered with a black, centre-vented flame proof membrane to eliminate light intrusion from the skylight feature above, while the undersides feature a suspended ceiling arrangement of white open-frame louvers. These louvers are neatly illuminated with the back-spill from the iColor Flex SLX nodes.

The Flex SLX strings are controlled by a Philips SLM controller which was also specified by LTP and runs a series of “shows” at set intervals.