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Long Island Sound home goes Technomad for its outdoor loudspeaker system

After demolishing the old property at the 15,000sqft site in Long Island Sound, US, a brand new 13,000sqft home was built in its place. It features a backyard equipped with Technomad outdoor loudspeaker system.

A new 13,000sqft house complete with a backyard entertainment system featuring 13 Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers has been constructed on a 15,000sqft riverside plot of land in Long Island Sound, Connecticut, US. New York-based custom electronics systems provider Multimedia Resource Group was charged with the custom installation. “This was a three-year project and the Technomad loudspeakers were the final touch, completing the outdoor entertainment system,” said David Kepke, owner of Multimedia Resource Group. Kepke worked closely with the homeowners and their architect, and designed the system to provide audio throughout the 15,000 sqft backyard. Because it’s a large open space, the area was divided into three zones. Subsequently, six Vernal loudspeakers mounted with stainless steel brackets were installed in the veranda ceiling (zone one). Elsewhere four Paris loudspeakers were fitted beneath the veranda and cover the lawn area (zone two). Meanwhile two Paris models with one Soho subwoofer were installed in a planting bed next to the pool and take care of the pool area (zone three). “This house is located right on the Long Island Sound waterfront, so the loudspeakers had to fully withstand moisture, rain, salt, and snow,” continued Kepke. Crestron touch screens were fitted throughout the house. These offer the ability to control source and volume in any audio zone from anywhere inside or outside the house. “The homeowners can change the volume and select the source of music, using an iPod, iPhone, Sirius radio, Pandora, ReQuest music server or something else,” finished Kepke. “They have several iPod docking stations strategically located throughout the home, and can use any one as a music source in any of the 24 zones. It’s simple to use, and the flexibility really appeals to them. Overall, the homeowners are extremely pleased, and they plan on entertaining in their outdoor space for years to come.”