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London’s Shell Centre lit by Anolis

The Shell Centre is an iconic building on the south bank of the River Thames, and has been lit by Anolis as part of a long term regeneration program for the area.

Anolis ArcPad Xtreme fixtures have been installed in a permanent lighting scheme to illuminate the front façade of London’s Shell Centre, a landmark building along the Jubilee Gardens stretch of the city’s South Bank, and a distinctive backdrop to the London Eye.

The lighting scheme is part of a longer term regeneration plan for the Jubilee Gardens area which is immediately in front of the 107 metre/351 ft high Shell Centre, backed by a consortium of investors.

A sustainable lighting design was submitted by Farhad Rahim, senior lighting designer from the BDSP Partnership, to Shell and Frosts Landscape Construction, main landscaping contractor for the Jubilee Gardens regeneration project.

This was based on using either the Anolis ArcPad Xtremes or products from another leading manufacturer, the criterion being that the lighting fixtures had to illuminate the entire fascia of the building with a smooth, even wash of light all the way up.

After extensive tests, Anolis was chosen because of its output and quality of light as well as cost-effectiveness. Twelve Anolis ArcPad Xtremes were installed with various different optics.

These were supplied by Anolis UK via Northampton-based electrical wholesalers, Newey & Eyre to E7 Contracting, the principal mechanical and engineering contractor to Frosts who undertook all the project’s electrical installation elements.

The ArcPads are positioned and optimised to ensure that the full surface area of the Shell Centre, designed by Howard Robertson in 1961 and clad in Portland Stone, is completely bathed in light. The fixtures are rigged on two custom designed columns at ground level, fabricated by DW Windsor Lighting.

The IP67-rated ArcPad Xtreme features two independent LED modules with densely populated LEDs providing an extremely bright light output.

Blue is the default colour for the building to match the London Eye’s lighting, and this can also be changed and synched to other nearby lit buildings.

Pharos was chosen for controlling the ArcPads, together with a Lumen Radio wireless DMX System.

The Anolis fixtures were commissioned and programmed on site by Maria Jenkins from Experience Lighting.

The entire installation consumes just 2,100 Watts of power in the standard state.