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London restaurant gets external lighting from ACSP

Pulsar ChromaFloods and a Mode ColorStyle DMX controller allow Da Mario's management to transform the exterior of the building.

A.C. Special Projects (ACSP) have provided an exterior LED colour-changing lighting scheme for Da Mario Gastronomia Napoletana, an Italian restaurant in the heart of London’s busy Gloucester Road area known for being a popular celebrity haunt.

Located a short walk from Kensington Palace, the 120 year old building’s architecture merges Venetian and Gothic styles and was commissioned by Queen Victoria.

Having previously provided the restaurant with a custom multi-zone audio and DJ system for its basement, Da Mario naturally contacted ACSP about the project when deciding to upgrade the exterior lighting system.

“It was really vital for the lighting to be elegant, understated and appropriate for the application given the historic significance of the building’s exterior, and we set out to fulfil all these criteria,” said Lance Bromhead, who project managed the job for ACSP.

After initial site surveys, a lighting trial was undertaken using key architectural LED brands. Based on the results, it was decided to illuminate the top story of the building’s facades with a combination of Pulsar ChromaFlood 100 fixtures featuring 25 and 45 degree beam angles, and ChromaFlood 200 battens with 10 x 50 degree lenses.

These weatherproofed IP66 units were chosen for their proven reliability and compact size, enabling them to be concealed discreetly with minimal impact on the architecture – and because they met the budget. The fixtures were also favoured due to their three-year warranty and British manufacturing.

ACSP also supplied a Mode ColorStyle DMX controller. This was chosen for its in-built astronomical clock feature, which turns the installation on and off at predetermined times of the day. It was programmed and commissioned by ACSP’s technical project manager, Dave Cowan.

The default programme is a very slow, subtle colour changing cycle that fades between six colours, illuminating the facades and creating a highly visible feature that draws attention to the restaurant’s exterior.

Da Mario’s management have the full flexibility of tailoring the colours and effects to suit special events and promotions, and are once again delighted with the results.