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London Coliseum upgrades dimming system with ETC Sensor+

The order for the new rack was received by project contractor Fagan Electrical on 30 August, with ETC delivering the rack to the Coliseum on 3 September. The Sensor+ rack upgrades the house light dimming system, supplying more than 80 channels, most with an RCD on each channel. Other channels utilise the Sensor+ emergency lighting modules, while control is from an ETC Unison system.

“Sensor+ dimming was chosen primarily because of its reliability,” Mark White, ETC’s regional manager for the UK and Ireland, told II. “It’s industry standard, and the team at the Coliseum had seen Sensor installed elsewhere and knew that it works. It was also available – we pride ourselves on maintaining a stock of Sensor dimming at our London warehouse to enable us to meet very tight deadlines such as this.”

Nick Ewins of Fagan Electrical also picked up on the rapid delivery of the ETC system. “We are in a unique position to be able to take on this type of project at a moment’s notice, and Mark White’s team at ETC was just brilliant,” he said. “The fact that they were able to deliver the rack at such short notice really saved the day.”

Ewins worked with Steve Chappell of Stage Electrics and ETC to iron out any initial technical problems with the system.