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Loewe personalises the smart TV experience to the Individual

Home entertainment technology developer Loewe has introduced the new Loewe Individual SF smart television - said to offer more personal creative freedom than any other television.

The new Loewe Individual SF smart television connects to a home network to provide users with an instant personalised viewing experiencing for everything from films and photos to internet sits and apps from Loewe’s online content portal, MediaNet.

The home entertainment technology developer’s latest smart TV is said to integrate seamlessly into any individual living environment offering numerous multimedia and networking options. As for design, the TV has thin bezel and is finished in aluminium, glass and chrome.

The range, which is available in 40, 46 and 55in, uses a new operating concept – Loewe Assist Media. This enables TV programming, internet content, personal photos, videos and apps to be integrated so all individual content (favourite channel, recordings on the DR+ hard disk recorder, internet sites, apps from the MediaNet portal or music, films and photos from your personal network) can be quickly saved as a favourite to the home screen. Accessing content is then done by calling up the application and the system takes care of the technological element. In addition, all core operating steps can be controlled intuitively with the cursor on the Loewe remote control.

All versions are equipped with Full-HD LCD technology, LED backlighting and 400Hz picture quality. The luminosity and high picture frequency of these displays make them capable of showing both 2D and 3D content, while the Active Shutter technology guarantees a three- dimensional cinema experience for 3D content. The Loewe Individual SF is also equipped with a special contrast filter panel to achieve a rich black and optimised contrast.