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Locatel and Hoist Technology partner on provision of hotel management and service technologies

Business alliance between two of the leading hotel system providers brings innovative, cost efficient and profitable solutions to hotels and hotel chains.

Business alliance between two of the leading hotel system providers brings innovative, cost efficient and profitable solutions to hotels and hotel chains. Locatel and Hoist Technology, leaders in hotel systems, have announced the creation of a business alliance to form Europe’s largest technology and service provider for the hospitality sector. The range of solutions aims to bring hotel operators greater efficiency with reduced operational costs, while increasing guest satisfaction and driving average guest spend through innovative services. The business alliance means that hotels across Europe can benefit from Locatel’s IPTV, WiFi, entertainment and information systems, on fixed or mobile screens, for their guests, as well as Hoist Technology’s property management system HotSoft 8 and mobile back office system Serviator. For European hotel operators, this offering is said to bring the widest range of system solutions available on the market. Combined, the services and solutions offered by Locatel and Hoist Technology already cover a park of over 600 000 hotel rooms, with an approximate 10% growth per year. “By combining and leveraging our hotel expertise in guest management, front office and back office, Locatel and Hoist Technology are bringing hotel operators all the tools necessary to reply to the evolving business challenges which face them,” says Pierre Lestage, Locatel CEO. “Both private operators and hotel chains will be guaranteed the same solutions and quality of service both locally and cross-border. By harnessing synergies we will also be able to offer even better products at competitive prices. We will be active on a larger market and thereby capture trends faster for further development to support our customers’ profitability,” says Malcolm Lindblom, CEO of Hoist Technology Group. Hoist Technology and Locatel will deliver a complete ‘cloud-based’ multiplatform solution which goes beyond traditional IPTV and movies-on-demand systems. By offering feature-rich content and information services, available on multiple screens including laptops, smartphones and mobile tablets, customer satisfaction and ‘average room spend’ is boosted. The system also drives hotel revenues through smart advertising and selling of hotel services. Adding to this, both independent hotel operators and chains will benefit from complete property management systems such as Hoist Technology’s HotSoft 8 and its mobile back office system Serviator, to help them become more profitable and efficient. As well as managing all guest transactions and reservations in real-time, the systems mean streamlined internal communications, stock management and attribution of tasks.