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Lightware’s flagship frame powers Telstra multimedia customer centre (VIDEO)

Telstra, the Australian telecommunications and media company, has opened a new ‘Customer Insight Centre’ in Sydney, which includes an introvert 360° video ring from NanoLumens, a 300-seat theatre and singing robot. The centre utilises a system with Lightware’s flagship 25G-FR160x160 and FR80x80 Hybrid matrix frames together with modular MX-FR33 and FR17 routers and an MX8x8-HDMI-Pro standalone matrix.

The 3,600sqm space spans the entire second level of Telstra’s George Street Sydney office and also has a 4K-ready broadcast studio designed by Chief Entertainment and Sony, 78 LED displays, a new datacentre and a core network that provides 11.5Tbps in switching capacity.

The focal point of the space is the “Insight Ring”, a 9m, 360° interactive circle-shaped platform that surrounds visitors with digital insights. In another area, a 14-screen converged media lab offers analytics from the global social media landscape.

The datacentre houses 35 racks and serves 55 virtual machines. It has 27TB of conventional storage and 8TB of high performance flash storage installed.

In addition, there is an immersive 1080p at 60fps videoconferencing infrastructure to service 10 collaboration rooms. The network can handle 100 simultaneous video calls via Telstra IP Telephony, while more than 48 fibre ports provide high-speed content distribution.

The theatre has a Meyer Sound Constellation system to electronically alter the room’s acoustics and an 8.5m by 6.2m 4K screen.