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Lighting up the ‘Bird’s Nest’

In addition to providing high-impact lighting, the fixtures were also selected to satisfy the exacting brief for a ‘Green Olympics’. While the fixtures of other suppliers were reportedly used in combination with each other in order to achieve the optimal lighting effects for specific sequences in the Bird’s Nest, PR Lighting was used as a standalone brand. Hundreds of PR wash lights were selected to function independently and produce lighting effects to the very top section of the stadium.

“Even earlier than the Beijing night show – during the One-Year Countdown Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Games – I was deeply impressed by the excellent performance of the PR brand products, which gave us full confidence to specify PR Lighting fixtures for the opening ceremony,” said Mr Sha Xiaolan, chief lighting designer of the Olympic ceremonies.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, PR Lighting’s product encompass intelligent, outdoor show, architectural and stage lighting, along with control products, LED and more.