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Lighting creates new atmosphere

The management of Sugar Club sought to transform the venue into a party nightspot, which meant they needed the lighting to help bring about a change of atmosphere. The project involves diffuse points of light behind curtains, creating the illusion that the entire restaurant is open to the exterior. The architecture and location of the room, at the port of Barcelona with views over the Mediterranean Sea, was the inspiration for the project.

The idea was to create the illusion that behind this illuminated fabric are windows that extend the space optically. Light from Martin Architectural Cyclo 03 full colour mixing fluorescent luminaires was used to produce this illusion. The wall that encloses the venue was clad with sheer drapes that hide the spotlights, serving as a filter. Additionally, behind the bar, a rectangular screen hides more Cyclos that radiate like solar rays.

Sugar Club’s flexible colour changing system allows it to adapt to the taste of its clientèle as well as to the necessities of the situation. The venue’s unique concept lets it change weekly, setting the mood and keeping the atmosphere fresh.