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Lighthouse screen is seen by 100,000 Londoners each day

It took an hour and a half to lift two 12.5m x 3.5m screens - each weighing 10.5 tons including the supporting structure - into place over London's Euston Underpass.

With an estimated 100,000 people passing through it each day, London’s Euston Underpass has a massive audience for advertisers. That audience has now been captured with the installation of two overhead Lighthouse LED advertising screens from specialist construction company, Solutions In Steel (SIS).

Located at each end of the underpass, facing the traffic in both directions, the 12 x 3.5m Lighthouse Impact 12 screens each weigh around 10.5 tons, including the housing structure, and were installed in bespoke structures manufactured specifically for the task.

The 12mm resolution, Impact 12 panels feature Lighthouse’s new M5 technology, providing, according to the company, faster processing speed, improved colour rendition and remote diagnostics/control. The panels have a very high brightness capability, making them clearly visible even at midday. However, the brightness is continuously automatically adjusted to ensure that drivers are not dazzled as they drop down into the underpass. It also means that the screens use the minimum required power at any time, reducing environmental impact and helping them to reach their expected 10+ year lifespan.

SIS has considerable experience with Lighthouse panels, having worked with them on projects including screens on London’s Hammersmith Flyover, at the Westfield London shopping centre and in Shepherd’s Bush.

“The majority of our projects use Lighthouse screens,” said Simon Grice, SIS owner. “We know the product very well and that they are very reliable. We also know how they go together – they are literally ‘plug and play’ – which saves us time. We provide a 100% turnkey solution, which makes things as simple as possible for the site owner. For the Euston screens, however, we were provided with an architect’s design which we turned into reality.”

The project involved removing existing cladding from the walls of the underpass and replacing it with 316 precision bent, patterned stainless steel panels. The screen itself was lifted into place in a remarkable hour and a half of a six and a half hour road closure.

Content sales are handled by media owner Outdoor Plus, which specialises in large-format digital roadside locations. “This is a premium site in London and the technology is premium quality, which is a must for the type of brands that we want to attract to advertise there,” said the company’s sales director Grant Branfoot. “The Lighthouse Impact 12 provides fantastic colour rendition, meaning that each brand’s image is going to be accurately represented. That makes our job so much easier.”