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Lighthouse LED screens capture the drama of the Tall Ships Race

The four-day, end-of-season event at Szczecin attracted a crowd of 1.5m, reportedly making it the largest Polish outdoor event of 2007. Two Lighthouse LED screens – comprising 49 panels of R12 and 81 panels of R19, respectively – showed a variety of footage, including live performances, pre-recorded advertisements, promotional clips and live footage from cameras installed in a variety of locations along the closing stages of the route. The most remote of these was situated 80km away on a lighthouse at the mouth of the Odra river.

The screens – installed by Medialne Narzedzie LED Consulting, a joint venture between Wizja Sp and Austrian company WMW LED Consulting – were erected back-to-back between the harbour and the Theatre Wsp_lczesny building. The larger screen faced the river, enabling those on the ships and on nearby Grodzka Island to view the moving images.

The project was not without its challenges – mounting the screens required a crane with a 60m jib, of which there are only a few in Poland – but Medialne Narzedzie’s Tomasz Wysocki observed that the team was “very happy with the result. The quality of the Lighthouse screens was obvious for all to see and it proved once again that our investment in Lighthouse products was an excellent one.”