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Lighthouse at Lord’s

As the main contractor, Lighthouse was responsible for the entire project. Installation specialist EDS was sub-contracted to design and build the screen housings, and install and integrate the displays. Lighthouse recommended P16 to produce sharp information and clear replay images across the 11m x 6m screens. Lighthouse also brought in electronic control system specialist AMX to develop an integrated content management system for all three screens.

“This was a significant undertaking for Lighthouse and we have gained a vast amount of experience from our main contractor status,” commented Graham Filmer, Lord’s project manager for Lighthouse. “But we were wholly confident in our ability to remove the two old scoreboards and their support structures, install a new 20m high mast, and to supply the three screens – one for the Allen Stand, one for the Compton Stand and another for the Edrich Stand.”

While the project was not without its challenges – not least those related to the discovery of several underground structures that had not been revealed in previous investigations – the screens have been active since 15 May, to widespread acclaim. “We are proud to have completed such a successful and prestigious project, and to have contributed to the international reputation of Lord’s as a centre of excellence,” said Simon Taylor, general manager of Lighthouse Technologies’ UK office. “It has provided us with valuable experience to take on similar roles in the future.”