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LifeSize systems selected for major UK telemedicine programme

The LifeSize systems are set to play a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients across a network that is responsible for the care of 1.6million people. According to LifeSize, oncologists, pathologists and radiologists are among the network clinicians using the new technology to review cases and adopt or change courses of treatment.

“Apart from saving consultants lots of time, the LifeSize systems lead to better care – and, hopefully, will help save lives,” commented Dr Raji Ganesan, consulting histopathologist at The Women’s Hospital, Birmingham. “The systems have also enabled us to make more timely patient management decisions through improved liaison. In addition, there has been more input from the specialists from other sites who might ordinarily have been unable to attend – which is of incredible importance to patients.”

“Medical organisations such as Pan Birmingham Cancer Network are some of our most exciting customers to work with,” Craig Malloy, CEO of LifeSize Communications, told II. “They enjoy all of the benefits of affordable, high-definition videoconferencing – less travel, more meaningful and productive communication, reduced carbon footprint – all good things. But when caregivers and specialists in different locations use LifeSize systems to come together and discuss a case, patients have better outcomes. That’s extremely gratifying.”