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LG to begin shipping first next generation OLED television

LG has announced it has begun taking pre-orders for its next generation 55in OLED television.

LG has started 2013 by announcing it has started accepting pre-orders for its 55in OLED television, and will begin shipping the displays in South Korea next month. The organic light emitting diode (OLED) televisions are more efficient than liquid crystal displays (LCD), and the electronics manufacturer will begin by shipping the televisions to over 1,400 retail stores in Korea. Both Samsung and LG announced 55in OLED televisions at last year’s CES show. But, so far, only LG has revealed plans to ship the television, making it the first and only company to announce the availability of next generation television technology. The 55in model is the world’s largest OLED panel. Numerous smaller-sized OLED displays use what is known as Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS). LG has said its new 55in model uses a technology called Oxide TFT, which replaces Armorphous Silicon with Oxide, which is said to be cheaper. The new TV is 0.16in thin and incorporated White OLED (WOLED), which emits white colour light from the diode, allowing lower error rate, higher productivity, and a clearer Ultra Definition screen, according to LG.