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Lebanese venue installed with Midas PRO6

“We consider the Casino du Liban as an extremely important first customer for the Midas PRO6,” commented Dr Fouad Bechwati, senior acoustics consultant, Eltek (pictured here, right, with the venue’s chief sound engineer, Tony Khoury). “The console will gain excellent exposure being used on international shows by one of the most competent sound engineers in the country, Tony Khoury. We are very pleased that our first ever sale of the PRO6 has been to a very high-profile client, and are happy to confirm that the Casino du Liban intends to purchase further PRO6s to be used as front of house and monitor consoles in two of the venue’s theatres.”

The venue’s chief sound engineer, Tony Khoury, said that he selected the desk “after much research”, and is particularly fond of Midas’s preamps and EQ.

“I’ve tried other digital consoles, but I went for the PRO6 because it’s very important to hear the warmth an analogue console can provide to acoustic instruments, and in my experience you can’t find it in any other digital console,” he said. “I’m very pleased to be working on it.”