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Leading pro-audio brands at new Dutch venue

In order to satisfy the venue’s various requirements, AEM (Audio Electronics Mattijsen) Projects specified a system pairing Biamp Audia and Nexia DSPs with more than 80 Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers.

Speaking to II, AEM’s CTO and system designer for the project, Eric Mattijsen, highlighted the installation in the Auditorium area. “The Audia DSP and individually self-powered Meyer Sound loudspeakers really come together in the Auditorium, where 10 different seating plans and programme-types needed to be accommodated,” he said. “We have created optimised routing and system settings choosing from four hangs of M1Ds, the UPM infills and cardioid 600HP subs, so the user can literally change from a ‘band’ setting lengthwise to a 90_ rotated ‘conference’ setting without ever touching anything but the remote control.”

Schoeps microphones, Midas consoles and Listen wireless systems were among the other equipment specified as part of the extensive audio fit-out.