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LEA Professional amplifies VR show about Bieszczady mountains

Bieszczady Cultural Heritage Center, in Poland, is using amplifiers to power a VR show about multiculturalism, nature, the age of oil, and the economic development of the Bieszczady Mountains

The Bieszczady Cultural Heritage Center, in south east Poland, has installed amplifiers by LEA Professional to power an audiovisual show about multiculturalism, the richness of nature, the age of oil, and the economic development of the country’s Bieszczady mountains.

Known locally as Bieszczadzkie Centrum Dziedzictwa Kulturowego, the centre was built on the grounds of a former refinery. It includes multimedia rooms, three exhibition zones, and a concert hall. The AV show is organised in a specially designed room by immersing viewers in virtual reality. Venue staff collaborated closely with Tomasz Zalewski, technical director of Group AV, to achieve the intended goals.

The Group AV team installed eight Connect Series 354D amplifiers to power the immersive audio experience in the heritage centre. With 96 kHz-capable Dante and AES67 connectivity options, the IoT-enabled 4-channel 354D provides 350 watts per channel, supports high-Z (70V or 100V) and low-Z selectable by channel, and features two Smart Power Bridge channels. With three ways to connect, the centre can engage the built-in Wi-Fi access point, connect to the building’s Wi-Fi, or connect to the local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

Zalewski said one of the key reasons the AV team chose Connect Series amplifiers was its cloud-based management capability. With LEA Cloud, AV teams can remotely control and monitor the amplifiers regardless of the location, or time of day.

“The cultural centre wanted guests to experience deep immersion in the presented content, enabling them to better understand and appreciate the cultural heritage of the Bieszczady region,” said Zalewski. “We immediately thought of using LEA amplifiers for the project.”

Brian Pickowitz, VP of marketing, LEA Professional, added: “Between the state-of-the-art projection system and superior audio, visitors to the heritage centre experience immersive AV that makes the storytelling come alive. We’re pleased that our amplifiers could contribute to this highly immersive experience.”

The Bieszczady Mountains, home to brown bears, wolves, and bison, were was first settled in prehistoric times. The project came about because the local government wanted to expand tourist offerings and educate people on the region’s rich history and culture. They wanted to transcend static displays often found in museums, instead creating more of an experience, or can’t-miss destination.