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Lab.gruppen details new US installations

The Williams-Brice Stadium installation was designed and executed by ACS Sound and Lighting of Columbia. Eleven C 48:4 amplifiers (4 x 1,200W) have been assigned to mid- and high-frequency drivers of the new main point-source system, as well as several full-range EAW cabinets and two EV speakers from the previous system for various fill applications. In addition, six C 68:4 (4 x 1,700W) models drive the eight dedicated low-frequency boxes and the 12 bent-horn subwoofers.

The availability of Lab.gruppen’s NLB 60E NomadLink network bridge was among the factors that influenced the selection of the C Series units. ACS Sound and Lighting general manager Troy Gwin observed that the NomadLink computer monitoring was a significant advantage because the amplifiers are located “in a separate building a long walk from the control booth. Operators will push the system, so monitoring is crucial. In fact, before last year, they always have a tech with a cell phone sitting in the amp room, watching the front panel indicators for trouble. Now they have detailed amplifier status displayed on a computer screen in the booth.”

In other recent US installation news, Ironman Sound Industries (ISI) selected 10 PLM 10000Q Powered Loudspeaker Management Systems to drive a Martin Audio loudspeaker specification at the new 500-seat Lumi_re Theatre in St Louis. The multi-use venue now features five PLMs to power the main sound reinforcement rig of eight Martin Audio W8LC line array cabinets, four W218 subwoofers and WT3 front-fills, while the remaining five PLMs drive the various stage monitors.

PLM features praised by ISI president Bob Horner included the amplifier/processor’s networking capabilities via standard Ethernet connections. “That let us download EQ settings, for example, to multiple amplifier/processors from a single laptop,” he noted. “The Lake Processing is very versatile for quickly adjusting room EQ, crossover parameters, and all the rest.”