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Lab.gruppen C Series amplifiers for celebrated Japanese concert hall

According to Chiyomi Koshinaka from Lab.gruppen distributor MTC Japan, the amplifiers were felt to satisfy all the requirements of the hall, which is usually reserved for chamber music, recitals and small ensemble performances. “One of the most important features for this application was that the C 16:4 is capable of handling both high and low-impedance loads at the same time via just one switch per channel; by adjusting the Voltage Peak Limiter to supply the desired maximum output power or maximum constant voltage supply, you can connect any type of speaker to any output channel,” he noted. “After that, you’re only limited by the number of channels on the amplifier, of which the C 16:4 has plenty, by the way! That in itself means you save space and money, which is another bonus. It goes without saying that the sound quality is excellent and that they are highly efficient amplifiers.”

Koshinaka added: “The choice of Lab.gruppen amplifiers has raised the quality of the entire system, including the stage, proscenium and wall speakers. They have proved to be an excellent choice, and the client is more than satisfied with the results.”