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L-Acoustics KARAi for Sandnes Kulturhus and Vennesla Church

L-Acoustics distributor Scandec Systemer AS supplied a KARAi line source system for the main hall of the Kulturhus, along with KARAi, SB18i subs and 12XT frontfill for the Vennesla Culture House.

A new KARAi line source system has recently been acquired by Sandnes Kulturhus, a cultural venue in the west of Norway. The main hall needed a consistent system with high sound pressure level to meet the increasing demand of productions visiting the venue. L-Acoustics’ Norwegian distributor Scandec Systemer AS supplied the system and local associates PAP Stavanger, Svakstrøm and Kran Elektro Service handled installation. 

The system comprises 24 KARAi, eight SB18i and four 8XTi. Twelve KARAi’s have been flown close together with four SB18i’s on each side in cardioid mode. This provides the venue with consistent coverage across the system’s frequency range. Four 8XTi’s are positioned on stage covering the first rows, ensuring intelligibility and perfect coverage. L-Acoustics amplified controllers are used to control, filter and power the system.

Sandnes Kulturhus’ technical manager, Stian Bru, commented: “The system delivers great sound. We are especially happy with the great HF consistency in the system. We are looking forward to a busy season with KARAi in the main hall.” Staying in Norway, Scandec Systemer also reported an additional install recently in Vennesla. OKS Vennesla Church acquired KARAi, SB18i subs and 12XT frontfill for Vennesla Culture House, where the OKS Vennesla Church congregates. This is the fourth L-Acoustics system purchased by the Oslo Christian Centre. The system consists of six KARAi and two SB18i for each side and two 12XT as frontfills. It is driven by three LA8. An additional LA4 was purchased, to be used as part of a mobile system for the outdoors, along with 12XTs and SB18is. The technical manager of OKS Vennesla Church, Narve Kristiansen said: “After having extensive testing with several competitors, it was clear that L-Acoustics was the best choice. The system has the best horizontal coverage and the best sound. It’s easy to understand why all of the other OCC chapters have chosen L-Acoustics. We were trying to think long term with this investment, and decided on a KARA system because it’s scalable even if we move to another venue later.” SOUNDVISION 3D software allowed the team to calculate the sound pressure level coverage, SPL mapping and delay coverage of the installation at Vennesla Culture House.