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L-Acoustics provides audio for Berlin’s 200m euro reimagining of industrial Gasometer

The reimagining of industrial relic, at the heart of Berlin's EUREF Campus, deploys L-Acoustics L-ISA immersive technology for its offices, conferences and concerts

L-Acoustics L-ISA immersive sound technology lies at the heart of the transformation of a relic of industrial history in Berlin into a beacon of innovation. The Gasometer, once a colossal steel container for natural gas, now stands as the crowning jewel of the EUREF Campus, a sustainable centre that started life as a home for sustainable companies from the energy and environmental sectors, but has now become a much more flexible space.

The 200m Euro reimagined Gasometer will now act as a hub for innovation and culture with the L-Acoustics L-ISA technology providing the audio. Since the reopening of the Gasometer this year, Deutsche Bahn has moved into the building with 2,000 employees, using it at a base to drive forward the digitisation of rail. But there are also spaces for congresses and entertainment, including concerts.

At the core, the L-ISA Scene configuration consists of five hangs of four A10 Focus and one A10 Wide, complemented by two hangs of three KS21 subwoofers flown centrally. Ten 5XT speakers are evenly spaced along the stage front for spatial front-fill. This setup ensures that every seat in the house experiences rich, immersive sound, regardless of the event type or room configuration.

Before opting for the system, its versatility was put to the test two years ago using a prototype that was installed in the Gasometer’s shell during BESTIVAL Berlin, a business conference. Paired with a tracking system from Lightpower, it created a powerful interplay between light and sound. It was enough to convince Jens Breetz, technical manager at EUREF.

He said: “We wanted a high-quality immersive speaker system to offer a unique event space in Berlin. L-Acoustics has been our partner since 2016, but when Thomas Mehlhorn, senior application engineer at L-Acoustics, introduced us to L-ISA, we knew we had found something extraordinary.”

Then, during the planning phase, L-Acoustics’ Soundvision software played a crucial role, allowing the team to visualise the L-ISA immersive audio experience in the unique circular space.

“During the planning, it became even more apparent that L-ISA was definitely the way to go,” Breetz explained. “We needed a very flexible sound reinforcement system to cope with the various configurations. An immersive system was essential, as a localised sound source is crucial for improved cognitive function at conferences.”

Breetz concluded: “It was immediately clear to us that we had made the right choice. There are hardly any sound reflections, and we have an immersive sound system we are proud of.”

The ground floor and gallery level now house a flexible event space designed to host everything from high-profile government congresses to concerts. The venue’s technical capabilities are as adaptable as its physical space, featuring moveable platforms that can transform from a flat floor, to a raked theatre setup.

On the upper floors, rooms for presentations and events are available behind the steel and glass facade. A roof terrace on the top floor of the new building provides a view over Berlin from a height of around 66m.