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Kusan Acoustic using D.A.S. Audio Aero systems

The Gysean Church installation comprises 16 Aero 28A powered compact line arrays and eight CA-25A powered subs. Stage monitors are SML-15As, with DS-108s handling rear-fill.

Other equipment specified at the 4,500-capacity site includes D.A.S. Energy series amplifiers, a Midas console, Rane and Yamaha signal processing, and Schoeps microphones.

“Kusan is very committed to the Aero systems, having found in both the powered and passive versions a very effective solution for their installations,” D.A.S. Audio’s director of marketing, Roberto Giner, told II. “They have employed both the compact Aero 28 and the mid-size Aero 38 in some of the country’s most impressive worship centres.”

Meanwhile, at the 2,400-seat Ansan First College auditorium, a total of 16 amplified two-way compact array modules have been installed, with reinforcement from several CA-215As. DS-115 units from the Dynamics series, driven by D.A.S. H and Energy series power amps, were also specified.

“The Aero sound system has given the venue an incredible acoustic coverage all over the seating area as well as crystal clear sound,” commented Kusan’s Roy Curtis.