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Klotz Digital equipment installed at Frankfurt Airport T1

Carrying out the installation was Sittig Industrie-Elektronik, which replaced the existing central unit and installed Klotz Digital VARIZONE components within a traditional 100V PA system, along with its own network-based multi-channel speech management system, NetMSM. The PA system is used for a combination of public announcements, individual and automatic announcements at the gates, and voice evacuation.

Multiple units of VARIZONE Line Manager – which is an intelligent interface to 70/100V amplifiers in compliance with the DIN EN 60849 standard – were sited to monitor 128 analogue speaker lines.

Martin Krauss, Klotz Digital’s product manager, told II: “VARIZONE components were chosen to replace the existing PA and voice evacuation system in the northern amplifier room of the Terminal 1 as they are able to adopt existing traditional 100V infrastructure and monitor analogue speaker lines in accordance to DIN EN 60849. Audio is transferred simply as a bus signal via one cable from the VARIZONE Matrix Controller to the Line Manager. Last not least, Klotz Digital technology can be perfectly interfaced with Sittig Industrie-Elektronik’s speech management system as proven in previous installations, such as Munich Airport’s Terminal 2.”