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Kling & Freitag Sequenza 10 line array debuts in Korean church

Kling & Freitag's Sequenza 10 line array system has been installed for the first time. The inaugural fit out took place at the Korean Grace and Truth Church in Seoul.

The first Sequenza 10 line array system from German manufacturer Kling & Freitag has been successfully installed at the Korean Grace and Truth Church in Seoul.

With its high-domed ceiling, and great distance from the pulpit to the back wall, the 4,500-seat church posed challenging acoutstics in the form of standing waves and some reflections for Kusan Acoustics, Kling & Freitag’s Korean distributors. The large open room with huge balcony required very precise positioning and orientation of the installed sound system.

The new system also had to accommodate the various other activites that take place at the modern and representative church, including teaching programmes, music, choral singing, concerts and other cultural events, such as the Christmas music festival.

Kusan acoustics selected the Kling & Freitag Sequenza 10 line array system, which comprises nine loudspeaker flown each side per side. Additional Kling & Freitag speakers were installed directly into the forestage, as well as K&F CA106 and K&F CA1001 ceiling speakers to amplify the area of the back rows of seats beneath the balcony. All speakers are controlled by the central interface of the Kling and Freitag SystemRack with the integrated K&F CD-44 System Controller.

The upper third of the Sequenza 10 speaker system is directed towards the seats on the intermediate floor, which are much further away. The middle group of three speakers covers the middle area and the area below the balcony, while the lower group fills the bottom front seats in the front rows with sound.

Two oversized LED screens were also built into the wall, to the left and to the right of the altar, and subdued lights are used to provide an enchanting backdrop for church services. Everything can be centrally controlled from the production room, enabling, among other things, live broadcasts and digital recordings for radio, television and the internet.