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Key NFL venue entrusted to Community

One of the American Football League’s key venues, the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field has been equipped with Community loudspeakers as a part of a redevelopment initiative.

One of the leading venues for American Football League events, the Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field, has been equipped with Community loudspeakers as a part of a redevelopment initiative. The result of the overall revamp is a venue that was recently recognised by Sports Illustrated magazine as the number one stadium experience in the NFL.

While the stadium’s original seating bowl was preserved, the rest of the park’s infrastructure was comprehensively revamped. Impressed by the performance of Community’s R.5 (R-Series) loudspeakers during a separate project the previous year, Made Ya Look Productions – the company behind the Lambeau Field audio system design – opted for 120 R.25 two-way 8in weather-resistant loudspeakers to cover the stadium concourse. The system is configured as 70V distributed zones, each covering a dedicated section of the multi-level concourse, with 12-14 loudspeakers per zone. QSC PL-Series amplifiers provide power.

According to venue head tech Dan O’Brien, the Community loudspeakers have successfully addressed the stadium’s acoustic challenges. The concourse, he said, is “a very reverberant space, and you’ve got the sound from the field mixing with the sounds of the vendors, bathrooms and people milling around. The previous system was fine for background music, but important announcements couldn’t cut through the ambient noise.”

Meanwhile, Community’s WET Series W2-312 three-way boxes cover the stadium’s outdoor facade and provide fill within the bowl. WET Series loudspeakers and subs are also installed as part of the portable sports bar, known as the Tundra Tailgate Zone.

Summing up, O’Brien paid tribute to the hardy nature of the Community loudspeakers, describing them as “exceptionally weather-resistant. Some of those speakers are in positions where they’re out in the weather all the time, and all of them are subject to constant humidity and temperature changes.”