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Keeping supermarkets on track: TV One helps Isotrak create logistics solution

Isotrak supplies satellite tracking and driver communications capabilities to the company’s vehicles and provide this information in-store using a thin-client terminal and a large display monitor. A custom-built cabinet containing the terminal equipment receives an Estimated Time of Arrival calculated from tracking information and sends this to a monitor that can be easily seen and read by store staff.

Phil Moran of Isotrak explains further: “The system provides an airport style arrivals board so that the back-of-store team know when deliveries are due to arrive and can make certain that the back door is open and that they are on-hand ready to take the delivery.”

Giving vital information such as forecasts of vehicle arrivals, it is necessary for the ETA screen to be clearly visible and at a place highly populated by most staff, such as near staff rooms. This flexibility of screen positioning in relation to the housing of the terminal is made significantly easier using TV One’s Cat-5 products.

The 1T-VGA-CAT-XL from TV One enables Isotrak to send the video signal being output by the terminal over large distances, without loss or degradation of signal, before being input into the display screen.

This is extremely useful when the terminal and the screen are located at opposite ends of a supermarket and for Phil Moran there was no contest when it came to choosing this product. “TV One has a good reputation and because of their background in this area they were a safe bet for a reliable and cost-effective product.”