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JBL sounds out US party conventions

Both conventions shared the same audio supplier and designer/chief engineer. ATK Audiotek provided equipment for both events, while sound design and engineering was headed up by Pat Baltzell from Baltzell Audio Design.

The system deployed at the Pepsi Center comprised 82 VerTec VT4889 large-format line array loudspeakers, eight VT4880A arrayable subwoofers and 68 VT4887 compact line array loudspeakers. Amplifiers were Crown Micro-Tech 1200s and Macro-Tech 3600s.

Following speeches by leading Democrats, including Edward Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, the focus shifted to Invesco Field football stadium (also located in Denver) and Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. The portable system for this event included 75 VT4889 line array elements and 12 VT4880A arrayable subwoofers, augmented by 32 VT4888 elements for delay. Once again, monitors were Crown, specifically I-Tech IT8000s, Micro-Tech 1200s and Macro-Tech 3600s.

“Working with top professionals like Mike Stahl and Scott Harmala at ATK Audiotek, along with leading event sound designers such as Pat Baltzell, we are honoured and pleased to have our sound system technologies deployed in the most demanding and prestigious applications like the Democratic National Convention,” said Michael MacDonald, executive vice president of marketing & sales at Harman Professional. “But just as we are encouraged and gratified by the consistent use of our products in these mission-critical events, we understand the need to earn our customers’ business with every product we build and with every project we support.”

Meanwhile, the specification for the Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Centre comprised eight arrays of 12 VerTec VT4889 line array loudspeakers, with each array accompanied by one VerTec VT4880A arrayable subwoofer. Supplementary coverage was provided by 40 JBL VRX932LA constant-curvature line arrays and 13 VRX928LA ultra-portable line array speakers.

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was among prominent figures to address the event, which drew to a close on 4 September.