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JBL’s new Marquis Dance Club loudspeakers debut at Tropicana’s Boogie Nights Club

JBL’s new Marquis Dance Club loudspeakers make up part of a complete Harman professional audio solution at Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino.

Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino and Resort Boogie Nights dance club, US, which carrys a ‘70s and ‘80s theme, has been equipped JBL Marquis Dance Club Series loudspeakers.

Boogie Nights comprises a long space just off the casino floor with three sections including a club area, a bar and lounge. There is also a VIP area and a balcony area that performers and dancers can access.

Moorestown, New Jersey-based integrator Starlite Productions installed the Harman solution.

“The biggest challenge was ensuring our clients’ needs were met to the fullest degree, while keeping everyone involved on the same page throughout the process,” states Brandon Powell, systems project manager at Starlite.

The audio system in the club area is anchored by JBL’s new Marquis Dance Club Series loudspeakers, which are specifically designed for the dance club market.

Four JBL MD49 loudspeakers and four MD7 dual 18in subwoofers are suspended from the building structure to cover the dance floor. These are positioned around and inside the perimeter of a large circular truss approximately 30ft (9m) in diameter that is suspended 20ft (6m) above the dance floor. There are also ten MD55 loudspeakers installed throughout the bar and lounge, with two flown over the stage for the DJ or talent monitors.

All the speakers are powered by Crown amplifiers, which are located in the equipment racks next to the bar. The system consists of two Crown Macro-Tech 12000i amplifiers, six Macro-Tech 5000i amplifiers, one CTS2000 amplifier and one CTS8200 amplifier.

The Harman Professional solution also boasts two BSS audio processors – a BLU160 and a BLU320 – which handle audio routing, signal processing and speaker management throughout the space. Starlite utilised an additional output to feed the casino floor area immediately outside Boogie Nights, so during open hours, what is being played inside overflows into the gaming space, excluding microphone feeds.

“I was impressed with the MD49 loudspeakers as they are smooth right out of the box,” Powell comments. “The Marquis Dance Club Series is set up for clubs. The super tweeters and the 4-way, quad-amplified configuration add great value and sound quality to these boxes, giving them exceptional clarity with loads of headroom.”

“The Macro-Tech amplifiers are workhorses,” Powell addds. “The CTS amplifiers get the job done well—this is known industry-wide and is the reason we continue to use them.”

“Starlite did a fantastic job with the entire project, especially since the installation experience was very challenging,” said David Peña, owner, Boogie Nights. “Since the club is a transformation of a huge open space, it was a difficult room to fill evenly with audio. The sound system is incredible! Customers constantly comment on how impressed they are and how clean it sounds. The lounge area has great energy while allowing patrons to still have a conversation due to the ability to direct sound. The loudspeakers definitely complete the Boogie Nights experience. Some of our other clubs have JBL and we’ve always had great experiences with their products. JBL is a name I feel comfortable with and I know their speakers are dance quality.”