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JBL Professional unveils CBT 200LA-1

The Harman company is introducing the CBT 200LA-1, the newest and tallest model in the CBT Series of constant directivity column loudspeakers.

At InfoComm 2012, Harman’s JBL Professional is introducing the CBT 200LA-1, the newest and tallest model in the CBT Series of constant directivity column loudspeakers. At 200cm (6.6ft) tall, this array of 32 drivers (each measuring 50 mm/2 inches) provides consistent pattern control over a wider bandwidth than is possible with shorter columns or fewer drivers.

Vertical pattern coverage is adjustable to either 15 or 30º to match the architectural characteristics of a wide variety of venues, and a variety of mounting heights. In addition, an innovative asymmetrical progressive-gradient coverage mode can be selected, which makes the speaker function similarly to the CBT 70J, directing more sound toward the far areas of the listening space to help reduce variation in SPL levels from front to back throughout the area. 

“In addition to using patented CBT technology to provide constant directivity coverage so that listeners throughout the space hear the same sound character everywhere, the 6-1/2 foot height of the CBT 200LA-1 allows this unobtrusive column speaker to control down to a particularly low frequency for very clear sound, which is important when you want to get well-controlled broadband coverage over a defined listening space,” commented Rick Kamlet, senior marketing manager, Commercial Installed Sound, JBL Professional.

The narrow width (98 mm/3.8 inches) fits visually into a wide variety of applications. Dynamic Sonic-Guard provides low audibility overload protection. A swivel/tilt wall bracket is included, and MTC-FM flush-mount wall brackets are available. The speakers can be operated at direct low impedance or from a built-in 70V/100V transformer (240W). A speech voicing contour switch raises mid-range sensitivity and increases maximum mid-range SPL by 4dB, which can be especially useful for speech-based applications.

The CBT Series speakers are designed to be installed either indoors or outdoors, and the IP55 water rating allows the speakers to be used for projecting distances outdoors.
The high degree of pattern control capability of the CBT 200LA-1 makes it useful for highly reverberant venues or for medium- to long-throw coverage in a wide variety of applications including transit centres, cathedrals, conference centers, multi-purpose spaces, mass paging applications, gymnasiums, theme parks, and architectural spaces, among many others.

“The CBT 200LA-1 provides the pattern control you would typically get from a constant directivity horn having a mouth that is 2m tall,” Kamlet added, “except without the 15 to 20ft depth that would be needed for this degree of pattern control and with lower distortion, higher output, control over coverage angle, full-range frequency response, and an asymmetrical ‘progressive gradient’ coverage capability which sends more sound toward the far areas of the space.”