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Jands Vista adds to variety

The Friedrichsbau Varieté theatre in Stuttgart has installed a Jands Vista T2 to manage lighting control for a range of productions.

A Jands Vista T2 is at the heart of the lighting control system at Friedrichsbau Varieté in Stuttgart, one of the most popular and influential variety show stages in Germany.

Friedrichsbau Varieté stages four of its own well known productions each year, featuring internationally acclaimed artists as well as new talents.

The console controls up to 156 dimmer channels and a number of automated lights including: Coemar Infinity Spot and Washes, Chroma-Q Color Block DB4 fixtures, Chroma-Q Color Block 2 fixtures, and GLP Startube 4 fluorescents, along with haze and fog machines.

The theatre also has an Arkaos DMX 3.6 media server which is triggered by the desk, together with an Extron ISS 506 video switcher for IMAG camera playback.

Jands has recently launched its new media and lighting controller – the flagship Vista L5.

Photo by Alexandra Klein