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ISE 2013: PROCAB launches super flexible microphone cable

PROCAB launches the PMC224, a new super flexible and sturdy microphone cable, which uses Neutrik connectors.

The PMC224, which is being presented at PROCAB’s exhibition stand at ISE 2013, is a high-quality microphone cable with a super flexible outer jacket. The soft PVC material and increased cable jacket thickness in combination with many thin and dense conductor strands result in an extremely flexible microphone cable which can withstand many bending cycles while remaining strong and solid.

Two insulated and twisted copper conductors consisting of 28 strands with 0.10 mm thickness resulting in a total conductor section of 0.22mm2, while the spiral shielding consisting of 80 strands of 0.10mm results in a shielding with superior coverage and immunity against interference.

Its high transmission quality due to the low capacitance and purity of oxygen free copper in combination with all other described features make the PMC224 the ideal cable for intense studio, stage and mobile applications.

This cable can already be found in the new Prime series, which consists of the most demanded cables in the field with all connections made by the Neutrik connectors.

Stand: 4-V72