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ISE 2013: Philips Public Signage presents glasses-free 3D display

Because of its wide viewing angle, the new Philips BDL5535VS is said to be suitable for digital signage applications in public locations and arrives as the first digital signage 3D display with LED technology.

MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Public Signage Solutions, is presenting the Philips BDL5535VS – a state of the art glasses-free 3D LED display.

The company says the display is well-suited for public locations because it offers wide viewing angles (150º verticle/horizontal), allowing multiple viewers to simultaneously view the 3D images. 
 In addition to the display provides up to 28 lenticular views virtually, enhancing objects and offering 3D depth, the autostereoscopic display maximises the 3D impact on the 139.5cm (55in) screen. Meanwhile, cone transitions are removed to ensure smooth and flicker-free videos as well as precise images. A special optical bonding process provides vivid and real colours, while the strong contrast (typical 4000:1) adds impressive clarity to the displayed pictures. What’s more, both the 3D pop-out effect and the viewing distance can be adjusted to fit different occasions.