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ISE 2013: New screens and LEDs from ShowTex and ShowLED

ShowTex is focusing on its stage and cinema screens for front, rear, or twin projection, while ShowLED is highlighting its waterproof LED technology.

ShowTex is demonstrating its collection of stage and cinema screens for front, rear, or twin projection as well as the HiSpeed Roll Up hardware system for fast screen motion. The company also specialises in panoramic glassless mirrors, giant mirrors, and projection foils for phosphorescent and glow-in-the-dark fabric effects and glasslike inflatables.

The ShowTex stage screens are custom welded in PVC so that even the biggest screens appear virtually seamless. An in-house screen welding workshop produces screens measuring upwards of 500sqm with super strong seams that the company says are nearly invisible at less than 1mm. Front projection screens are said to have a remarkably even light distribution over a wide viewing area and are available in XL, mesh, perforated, super matte, and black out finishes. 

ShowTex is also presenting a selection of stage curtain track, complete track systems and commercial drapery hardware. Curtain tracks can be operated manually, motorised, or controlled by DMX. All ShowTex track systems can be curved in house to a custom or standard radius, says the company, to accommodate the most challenging designs, whether temporary or fixed installations. 

On the same stand, waterproof LED technology is the ISE focus for ShowLED. According to the company, it can be used to cover office buildings, add dynamic effects to printed banners, provide architectural enhancement, deliver advertising or create art.

The LEDs can be integrated directly onto a structure or can be inserted in waterproof fabrics such as netting, projection screens or banners. High-resolution printed banners can be decorated with pixel animated LEDs or a net can be used to create a 3D illusion of transparency.

ShowLED Waterproof is the latest addition to the company’s Animation product range. Fully compatible with the existing ShowLED Animation controllers and software, ShowLED says that ease of use and flexibility are not only maintained, but upgraded to another level. 

Requests for outdoor LED applications with video control options led to another ShowLED in-house development of LED strings, cabling and connectors. The IP X7-rated version of the Animation LED strings, in combination with a rugged high-tech netting, is said to be capable of resisting the most severe weather conditions (rain, snow and burning sun). In combination with other outdoor fabrics, such as PVC mesh or banner drape, ShowLED says that creative minds can explore new boundaries.

Extensive changes were made to the existing indoor Animation LED strings. Water- and UV-proof cabling, moulded connectors and switching to an SMD RGB LED were required while, to keep the wide viewing angle and the RGB colour mixing of the indoor version, a new lens was developed and applied to the moulded LED sockets. Stand: 8-K275