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Invision intensifies training schedule

Demand for courses sees the company adding new dates as well as new topics.

Distributor Invision UK has intensified its training schedule with the announcement of a new range of courses – including Luxul Networking – and a new dedicated training specialist.

The courses, which the company says are proving increasingly popular amongst dealers and installers, help to enhance product knowledge and realise the full potential of residential technologies. Now solely responsible for all training, Lance Escobar also provides tailor-made events throughout the UK.

“This year, we have already seen a huge increase in attendance to our courses,” said Escobar (pictured). “In January and February, our courses have been particularly successful, so we will be hosting more of these across March, April, and May. Further to this success we are now introducing more courses such as Wyrestorm and Luxul.”

Invision courses cover areas as diverse as home networking, digital media distribution, home cinema design, and programming. They range from free short webinars to longer, more in-depth workshops that are priced accordingly. Trainers all boast strong technical backgrounds and understand the markets in which Invision operates, according to the company.