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Informationsteknik wins DR contract

Informationsteknik worked in close co-operation with Martin Professional and Panasonic in securing the prestigious contract.

Informationsteknik division manager Kim Hyldig told II that the project represents a watershed moment for building illumination in the Nordic region. “Our project together with Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Danish Radio is a breakthrough within indoor and outdoor architectural lighting in the Nordic area,” he said. “From our knowledge it is the first time that project technology from Martin and Panasonic is being used in this magnitude to create images and expressions on a building – it is [definitely] not a pr_t a porte’ project!”

The Informationsteknik team is now working hard to meet the January deadline. “Our project team is excited and looking forward to stretching its competences and capabilities in order to realise the lighting project for the opening of the concert hall in January,” he said.