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In praise of audio quality: MIPRO’s flagship model used in Christian revival meeting

The ACT-74P wireless microphone systems, featuring premium sound and rock-solid reliability, are optimised to deliver unfailing sonic clarity with audio quality. ACT-74P, said to offer the world’s first ACT function, allows rapid and precise transmitter frequency set-up, and can be remotely controlled and monitored via advanced and user-friendly pc-controllable software.

Victor Yeung, the chief audio engineer of the show, states: “We used 16 sets of ACT-7H handheld microphones. I was highly impressed with its user-friendly features and functions. Furthermore, we praised the rugged construction and the lightweight yet exceptionally durable magnesium alloy receivers. The most impressive features were its ability to hear high quality sound at such a long distance in different floors with stable, clean and uninterrupted transmission signals.”