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iLight selected for innovative new Mallorca attraction

Rather than take the more traditional route of using a show control system, Technovations’ Graham Owens and team elected to use an intelligent dimming system from iLight. Familiarity with the sequence and scripting capabilities of the iLight protocol enabled Technovations to write the large number of control sequences required, all of which could run independently with commands interlaced.

The lighting changes specified varied from simple scene control in the main lobby and bar through to complex sequences choreographed to sound, video and animation, and triggered by timed events, buttons and sensors.

Lighting control was required for both themed lighting and work lights, and had to interface with the fire alarm system. The system also had to control show power sockets for animations, turntables and AV equipment. Local regulations dictated a system with two-pole disconnect protection on all outgoing circuits, provided here by iLight.

The number of sequences and the frequency of the commands led Technovations to install four sub-networks. The iLight programmable bridge still allows commands to be sent globally to control certain sequences and house-keeping commands.

Among other equipment, the iLight units control motors, video, audio, architectural lighting, DMX fittings and animatronics. Specific iLight equipment includes a large touchscreen for the main control system and a button panel for managing the show from the lobby and some more immediate commands, along with 24 12-channel 5A dimmers and numerous 12-channel 10A contactors.

Graham Owens of Technovations told II: “A project of this complexity meant that working closely with the lighting control supplier was vital. Over the years I have built up a good relationship with many of the key people at iLight, and it’s fair to say that without their input we couldn’t have done the project.”