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Icelandic home cinema receives Core value from dnp

dnp and Omnitech’s Supernova provides ‘mindblowing’ solution to client’s issues with quality and brightness in home cinema and games room.

dnp and Omnitech’s Supernova provides ‘mindblowing’ solution to client’s issues with quality and brightness in home cinema and games room. When Reyjavik resident Arnar Flókason decided he needed better image quality and brightness in his home cinema and games room — which was increasingly becoming washed out by the sun’s powerful light — he wasted no time in contacting dnp denmark’s Icelandic partner Omnitech. Arnar’s problem was that in the middle of the wall facing the screen is a large picture window that allows the sunlight to spread into the room and totally dominate it. When Omnitech CEO Oddur Bogason arrived on site he discovered an inadequate 600-lumen projector firing onto a matt white screen. “The client explained that during daytime, despite using the blinds, the screen was virtually unwatchable,” he said. Bogason introduced dnp’s 23-23 next generation high gain screen material and provided some samples. “As a result, he called us the next day and told us he wanted to adopt this solution, in combination with a dnp Supernova Core 120.” The award-winning dnp Supernova Screen is the world’s first front projection screen designed for brightly lit environments meaning that lights no longer need to be dimmed or blinds drawn. With up to seven times the contrast and double the image brightness of standard front projection screens, Supernova Screens provide superior image quality. With all the advantages of the full Supernova range, the Core itself has an economical frame construction making it highly affordable — and ideal for the home cinema market. The additional contrast provided by the new screen immediately made a significant difference to Arnar Flókason’s viewing pleasure, although the direct sunlight remained a problem. So Omnitech advised him to invest in an Epson EH-TW 6100 full HD, 2300 lumens 3LCD projector, with 40.000:1 contrast ratio. “This gave him the ability to play video games and high definition videos in broad daylight — even with the sun beating into the room,” said Oddur. “Upgrading my screen to a dnp Supernova is the best thing that has happened to my home theatre,” said the delighted client. “The Supernova makes it possible to enjoy bright, high contrast videos and games with superb quality on a big screen in my large living room. I no longer need to turn off the lights and use the window blinds to get a decent image quality.” In fact, the brightness in the room was surprisingly high — from 500-1000 lux, depending on the sun’s location — and the on-screen brightness went from 250-450 lux. Oddur says that with a room length of 4.8m and width of 3.8m and height of just 2.2m he was determined that the screen should fill the entire wall, despite being somewhat disproportionate to the room. But he adds that with average on-screen ambient light of around 270 lumens during daytime, and average ambient light in the room of around 650 lux (daytime), the installation has been a total success. “In fact the client was so pleased with the product that he called me personally one Saturday evening and invited me to come to his house and share with him the stunning quality of the screen,” reported Oddur. “He then said: ‘This is totally mindblowing … I can now play Xbox and watch TV with the lights on and the blinds up … and that’s with the projector on eco mode!’”